Thursday, 15 September 2016

LANAP Treatment For Gum Disease in Bangalore

Gum Disease is the inflammation in the gum line that progresses to affect the bones which support the teeth. Under Periodontics dentistry, gums, bones and the area around the tooth are treated. Removal of tartar and bacteria from the tooth surfaces and beneath the gums are done by scaling method.

Laser-assisted New Attachment Procedure or LANAP is a modern technology in Periodontics to treat the gum disease patients with a less invasive laser procedure.

How is LANAP Procedure done?

Excessive pocket depths are identified by a PerioLase’s fiber optic tip. When the laser is passed, diseased tissues and bacteria are removed. While passing the laser the root surface tartar is loosened. With the help of an ultrasonic scalar or special hand instrument, the tartar is removed. Passing of laser at the second time stimulates blood clot in the pockets to keep the epithelium from growing again in the treated areas. Clean root surfaces are reattached with bone and soft tissues. After this procedure, new bone growth and connective tissue attachment will occur. Biting trauma is eliminated by adjusting the patient’s bite.

Advantages of LANAP are:
  • Within 24 hours the patient can be recovered, carry on with routine works
  • It is a safe procedure for diabetic and hemophilia patients
  • The LANAP procedure takes lesser time than the traditional surgery
  • The discomfort level is least because no lacerate or stitches involved in LANAP
  • LANAP supports patients with long lasting results

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