Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Dental Implants In Bangalore

An artificial tooth that is places in jaw to support a tooth replacement or dental bridge is known as dental implants. In other words dental implants is used to replace a missing teeth with an artificial teeth. Dental implants is applicable in replacing a single tooth to replacing all teeth. Dental implants will look like natural teeth and last for long time. Implants will not affect any cavities and shape of the face and smile will not be affected by the implants.

Dental Implant Center in Bangalore

Dental Solutions clinic is one the best dental implant center in Bangalore. Our Dentist Dr Ramya Mohana is a gold medalist in implantology. And our periodontist Dr K V Balasubramanya is a highly qualified and  experienced periodontist. Moreover the a well built infrastructure and homely atmosphere is an another advantage of Dental Solutions Clinic. Most of the equipment's and machineries are imported. Dental solutions clinic have the experts in all fields of dentistry. Dental Solutions Clinic is the best choice for Dental Implants In Bangalore

Types Of Dental Implants Offered

Endosteal : Endosteal is a commonly used implant system. Endosteal includes cylinders,blades,screws placed by surgically to the bone. This type of implant system is used as a alternative for bridges and removable dentures

Subperiosteal : Subperiosteal is placed on the top of jaw. this type of implant system uses metal framework to hold the prosthesis. this can be used in patients who have difficulty in wearing traditional dentures and having minimum jaw bone height


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